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Marilyn Manson with opening act Die Mannequin came to Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, Ontario on September 20, 2009.    The stage was pushed up, and the 300 section was closed off.   I believe there was only about 2000 - 2500 people there tonight.    This was a very mixed crowd, from young to old, freaky to dressed up, and even old freaky dressed up.   lol  

I never heard of Die Mannequin from Toronto until tonight, however during their concert I recognized a couple of their songs I must of heard on the radio, like Do it or Die.    They had sound issues in the beginning, but that was fixed and they put on a great show.   I am definitely going to check out their CDs because every song I heard live, was very cool.    I would love to see them again if they tour through Ottawa again.    They just played Live Lounge and Bluesfest here, and I missed the boat on that one, so I could be waiting for a bit.   On our way out of the concert, we actually met Care Failure the lead singer.   She was signing autographs. and letting people take pictures with her, which we did and you can see from a link below.    

So Marilyn Manson comes out starting with We're from America.    After that first song, he apologizes in a very raspy voice that his voice is shot from eatting pu**y, an 8-ball of cocaine, and a big bottle of Absinthe.   WTF.    Manson has not come to Ottawa since 1997 (best show I have ever seen in my life.. BTW), and he parties too much to sing properly.   Nice.     At least he didn't postpone the show, but from reading set lists from recent shows, he did shorten the list.     Even the long set lists on this tour, he wasn't going to play some songs I wish he did like:  Lunchbox, Dope Hat, Apple of Sodom, Antichrist SuperStar, Great Big White World, Tourniquet, Cryptochild, etc...    

The band sounded awesome, I just wish Manson's vocals were in better shape.    It was great to see Twiggy back!    Strange to see him play guitar instead of bass, but he sounded great on guitar.   They played just over an hour, and his voice slowly got worst and worst.   He continually apologized between songs, and we would wonder if he would make it to the next song through out the show as he was getting worst and worst..    Two years ago in Montreal seeing him on the Eat Me Drink Me tour was much better, however there is no shock rock in his live shows anymore, no protesters, nothing like it used to be.     I have seen Manson since his early days in South Florida, opening for NIN at the Miami Arena with Jim Rose Circus in 1994, to Smells like Children tour in Fort Lauderdale at the Edge in 1995, to AntiChrist superstar tour at Ottawa congress Center in 1997 which was just amazing, probably the best concert I have seen in my life..   I guess I keep wishing to see another Manson concert like they were  12 - 14 years ago.....

Here is the set list from tonight's show (as best as I can remember)

1.        We' re From America
2.        Disposable Teens
3.        Pretty as a Swastika
4.        The Love Song
5.        Irresponsible Hate Anthem
6.        Four Rusted Horses
7.        Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World
8.        The Dope Show
9.        Rock is Dead
10.      Sweet Dreams
11.       The Beautiful People

Here is a link to the pictures we took at the show

Here are a couple videos we took at the show

Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World

Dope Show

Here is a link to more videos submitted from other people on YouTube

Couple of Newspaper reviews from tonight's show:

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